April 16th, 2015

Everyone! This colored strip is important! Believe it or not, the puzzle in the seventh panel is an actual, solvable puzzle!
(Yes. I spent a lot of time figuring that out. Don't judge me.)

Thus, I shall announce the first ever Billy the Pop contest! Whoever can put the puzzle pieces together correctly will be sent an original watercolor drawing of their choosing! If any of you are dedicated enough to do it, that's the least you deserve!

Here are the requirements:
- No puzzle pieces of the same color can touch each other (This is important).
- If you solve it, draw the solution (on paper or digitally). Draw the completed puzzle and where the pieces interlock. Label the colors with their respective letters: Yellow - Y, Green - G, Blue - B, Red - R, Purple -P.
- Send a file of your drawing to billythepop@gmail.com.

Good luck, everyone! I'd be happy to see even one person try it!
(Hint: Try collecting real puzzle pieces of the same shapes and reconfiguring them until they fit!)

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