Hi there! This is Billy the Pop!



       I'm Cole Goco! I love to draw comics, so I started drawing Billy the Pop, a comic strip about an ice pop named Billy, his human friend Harley, and their pet turtle Pete. I began drawing it in the summer of 2013, and started posting them on January 1st, 2014, when I was in seventh grade.

       If you wish to contact me for any particular reason, my Email address is billythepop@gmail.com.

       Also, there's a Billy the Pop Facebook page! (This is mainly just to post Billy the Pop-related things and drawings, not the actual comics. All the real action happens here!) Click here to check it out.

       I now have an Instagram account (@colegoco) where I'll post art-related things from time to time! Find it here.

       Or, if you don't feel like doing any of those things, you can feel free to just comment on the actual website!

Billy the Pop T-Shirts!

Billy the Pop T-Shirts are available in this design on a white shirt.
Here's how to order.
First, send money to the Billy the Pop Paypal Account.
- Go to paypal.com and log in.
- Click the 'Send & Request' tab at the top of the page and click the 'Pay for goods and services' option.
- Type 'billythepop@gmail.com' in the 'Email or mobile number' bar, and in the 'Amount' section, type the amount. Each T-Shirt costs $15 (Two shirts would cost $30, Three would cost $45, etc.)
- Click 'Next,' and then 'Send.'
Next, send an email to billythepop@gmail.com saying these three things:
- How many T-Shirts you're buying
- What size you'd like them in (Youth Large, Small, Medium and Large are available)
- Your address (So I know where to send the T-Shirts)
Then, you're done! The T-Shirts will be on their way.


  1. Your comic strip is excellent!

  2. This made my day the precision of your comics are excellent so vivid in detail

  3. Carry on, Cole! I look forward to viewing your drawings in the New Yorker!

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