June 30th, 2014

Here I am, posting from Georgia! It's really nice here.

This ice-cream-eating method is most akin to that of my brother. He always licks every inch of his ice cream so no one else will want to try it.

June 28th, 2014

Meh. This one's kind of dumb, but whatever. (Also, if you look closely at Billy's "pistols," you'll see one has 'DART' written on it. Just wanted to tell you guys that, in case you thought they were real pistols.)
I'm going to a lake-house with my cousins tomorrow, so there's a possibility I won't be able to post until next week. I will try to post from there, but don't be surprised if there's nothing for a while.

June 26th, 2014

I'm not a fan of fishing either, but the two times in my life that I've actually caught something have been rather exciting.

Uugnh, I had some trouble coloring this strip. My coloring program tends to quit unexpectedly, and when it does, it totally messes up the panel that I'd be coloring right then. So I have to copy and paste an un-messed-up panel over the messed up-one. I really don't like to copy and paste, but I have to do that in this sort of circumstance.

June 24th, 2014

Ah, Billy. Ever the pompous, self-centered little protagonist.
Looking back on it, the line "complete personality makeover" is very closely related to a line in Calvin and Hobbes. See if you can find the strip where Calvin says, "complete personality overhaul."

June 22nd, 2014

I actually like when it rains. The sound is rather soothing, and there is a nice feeling of security and warmth when you're sitting in a house or car, protected from the rain. It's great.

Also, summer has officially started! Hope it's a good'un, everybody.

Update: I changed a spelling error. When Harley said "my compost bin," I had spelled "my" as "by." I'm not sure why I did that. That's a pretty stupid thing to do.

June 20th, 2014

This punch-line was practically word-for-word from my real life, when I had to go to the dentist and I was told that going to the dentist is a "luxury." I don't really enjoy my dentist visits, but I realize how much they matter.

Hey, all you guys who subscribe via email, could you do me a big favor and check out the real website? Thanks.

June 18th, 2014

I, personally, don't like to run. I don't really see the pleasure in it. Maybe I will when I'm older.

But, more importantly, today is the final day of school! It's been a very good year. I hate the feeling you get when school lets out and you're pretty depressed that it's over, but also really enthusiastic about the new summer. But it don't matter the next day because then you're already partyin' at the pool with your friends and having the time of your life.
Happy summer, everybody.
(Although, summer doesn't really start until the 21st, but still.)

June 16th, 2014

This is kind of a dumb joke, but it's okay.
It's the last week of school! The year seemed to go by pretty fast for me. The next time you'll see Billy summer break will have started! I can hardly wait.

June 12th, 2014

Some of the best adventures are the ones where you just don't do anything.

June 10th, 2014

Attention: The date of colored Billy strips has been repositioned and now is placed at Thursdays instead of Wednesdays.
Anyways, I got the idea for this one strip when I went to a roller-skating event. I had a lot less fun than I thought I would. So, I figured I would make Billy feel the way I did.

June 8th, 2014

I'm back from New York! It was pretty fun.
This joke came from real life, where I saw a homeless man with a bucket and a sign that said, "Bet you can't trow a quarter into this bucket!" I thought that was a really good idea. If I'm ever homeless, I'll use that.

Originally I thought the sign was too small in the last panel, but for some reason I like that it's smaller. Something about it looks nice.

June 5th, 2014

This really annoys me. It's my least favorite grammar mistake. I really get bugged by how often it happens, and I just have to point it out to other people. I just can't stand it.
Also, Awesome_Pop_36 is a pretty great username. I should use that sometime.
Anyways, there won't be a comic on Saturday this week. I'm gonna be in New York! So that'll be pretty cool. When I get back, I'll try to post some more comic's. . .dang it!

June 3rd, 2014

Okay, this one is pretty stupid. I was trying to symbolize that everyone has different interests, but I didn't do so well. Also, I was trying to think of a comic without words in the last panel. This is all I have to say on the subject.
But in other news, I went to see Stephen Pastis, the great creator of the comic strip Pearls Before Swine and the Timmy Failure book series, give a talk yesterday. It was an amazing experience; he's a very funny person. Click here to see his Facebook page.
Speaking of which, I have a Facebook page now! Here it is.

June 1st, 2014

Well, it's the first day of June! The school year is almost over (thank God) and summer's about to begin! Woohoo!
On the note of the strip:
I, too, get mixed up with "Do you mind" questions, but people usually know what I meant to say. I bet you could trick somebody by doing the same thing as Billy and Pete here. Ah, loopholes.

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