November 29th, 2014

In the second panel, there's kind of a Van Gogh-esque swirly line made up of tiny little dashes that Billy is standing on. I think I was inspired by Joann Sfar there a little bit, because he does that kinda thing in his comics. It's always fun to read his books; it looks like his drawing style changes with every panel.

November 27th, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. Hope it's a good one! You know what I'd be thankful for? You guys spreading the word about this comic!
(Yeah, I know that's cheesy. Whatever.)

Billy's view is also mine here. I wouldn't really care if I was an out-of-shape couch potato. I pretty much am one already.
Also, "couch-potatoed." What a great phrase. You can give me credit if that catches on.

November 25th, 2014

I drew this past week or so of strips in Georgia, where my family and I would fish sometimes. One time, my brother had left his fishing rod sitting in the middle of the dock, and someone said to put it where no one would step on it. I thought it would have been funny if someone had thrown it in the water (Ahh, loopholes). And a Billy strip had been created.
(I didn't actually throw it in the water. I just pondered the possibility.)

November 21st, 2014

My brother and I used to do this all the time. It probably looked really stupid. Also, I'm terrible at drawing cars.

November 19th, 2014

Yesterday (the 18th) was one of my favorite days of the year. It was the day Calvin and Hobbes first ran in newspapers. If you guys know me, or at least have read any of my strips, you know Calvin is my biggest inspiration. So happy 29th birthday, Calvin.

November 17th, 2014

Dang, five whole panels?! This one sure taxed my artistic integrity.

(That was sarcasm, by the way.)

What stinks about this one is that  panels 3-5 lean to the right really obviously. I should have checked that before I started drawing. But I think this one conveys a good life motto, one that is true for myself.

November 15th, 2014

When my family used to go to a beach-house in Duck, North Carolina, there would always be ghost crabs scuttling around at night. We would catch them and put them in buckets. Sometimes there would be almost twenty of them in one pail. Then we'd let them go at around 10 P.M. Those were the days.

November 13th, 2014

Some people say a bartering society would end up terribly. I don't know, though; the more I think about it, it seems like it would be pretty good.

November 11th, 2014

I took Billy's joke from a small limerick I wrote in sixth grade. It went like this:

My brother picked rocks from a clump.
They soared in the stream with a 'plump!'
"I skipped one!" he cried,
To which I replied,
"D'you think you could get it to jump?"

Obviously, I'm a poetic master.
Also, the little dude in Billy's drawing (the weird thingy throwing the rock) was a character I invented in fifth grade. His name was literally "Character." I wasn't feeling creative that day, I guess.

November 9th, 2014

Hey guys! Just so you know, there are "Next Post" and "Previous Post" links on this page now! They are underneath the advertisement (Sorry about those things, by the way - they're kinda annoying).

November 7th, 2014

This one's pretty bad. You've probably heard a joke like this a million times before. Sorry about that.

November 5th, 2014

Did you know that when Juliet asks "wherefore art thou Romeo," she isn't asking where he is, he is asking why his name is Romeo? That's why Billy says "wherefore art thou so stupideth." (This is pretty much the only Shakespearean I know, and I'm pretty sure they never said "moutheth.")

November 3rd, 2014

An action-packed spy story from Billy today. I tried using only "cool" colors this time (like blue and green and purple), so that looks pretty cool.

Do you guys think I resemble Calvin and Hobbes too much? I've said before that it's my biggest inspiration, and as I read my strips I always feel like I'm copying it. I kinda feel bad about that. Tell me what you think.

November 1st, 2014

Well, Halloween has come and gone. How much candy didja get? Looks like tis storyline is over, too. And it didn't tun out so well for Billy. (Does it ever?)

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