September 30th, 2017

I've always wanted to shoot a llama out of a cannon. If only.

September 26th, 2017

This is the start of a series-type-thing. This and the next five strips will all feature Billy prank-answering phone calls. So hope you enjoy that!

Originally, Billy's line in the last panel was "stuck-up jerk" instead of "self-centered jerk." I didn't think that was much of a punchline, so I changed it to what it is now, to add irony since Billy was the one being self-centered. It barely adds anything to the joke, but it's better than before.

September 24th, 2017

With all the work being done on our house, I started thinking about what Billy's idea of a perfect house would be, and this strip came to be.

September 22nd, 2017

I don't think I even knew what I was talking about when I wrote this one.

September 20th, 2017

Hey y'all! Sorry I haven't been posting recently. There's been a lot of work being done on our house for the last few months, so that's why my posting has been kinda on-and-off for a while. I will try my best not to disappear unannounced again, though.

In other news, summer is about to officially end. Bye, summer!

September 12th, 2017

It was harder than I'd thought to draw the lighting on a trash bag. I think it looks pretty cool in the last panel, though.

September 6th, 2017

I like the way Billy's ghost costume looks. I can imagine it bobbing up and down as he moves through the house, and that's kind of funny to me.

September 4th, 2017

Well, this is my last day of summer before school starts. This isn't the most fitting strip for the day, but that's just how it goes. Time for another crazy year of assignments, projects, testing, stress and, hopefully, fun. I'm gonna miss this summer.

September 2nd, 2017

Summer's almost over once again. It never seems long enough, does it?

I think the last panel of this strip is my favorite use of color that I've ever done in Billy the Pop.

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