June 2nd, 2020

And so, the story finally ends. Don't worry, there will be one more final strip after this, so I'll save the sentimental rambling until then.

Still, this storyline was quite an interesting project for me. It consisted of 42 strips total and took almost a year and a half to do (which is more indicative of my laziness than the complexity of the story), making it by far the longest-running series in this strip. If you'd like to start back at the beginning, here's a link to the first strip of the story. Reading it all together is strange to me, because it feels like forever since I drew the gang leaving their house. It's also strange that, as large-scale as this story was for me, it really only amounts to about an 11-minute cartoon's worth of content. That said, I'm certainly proud of how it all turned out! It feels great to have completed a story with so many shifts and parallel plotlines, especially in a medium like this where the whole thing has to be split into equally-entertaining tiny chunks. I learned a lot about the limits of comic strips while drawing this — how much plot information can be contained in one strip, how to balance that information between visuals and dialogue, and how to intersperse jokes in a way that drives the story forward. I don't know if it worked 100% of the time, but overall I'm quite happy with it, and I hope it was enjoyable for you all to read too!

Thanks, and I'll see you at the final strip!


  1. You SHOULD be proud, bravo!! Eager for more... ;-)

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