July 16th, 2017

Hey guys, I'm back! Super sorry for the wait; I've been out of the house recently and haven't been able to post any strips. I will try my best to keep posting as regularly as before. Back to the storyline after this!

This colored strip should have actually come out before now, in the place of the previous colored strip. But I accidentally skipped over it when I was scanning strips, so unbeknownst to me I was one colored strip ahead of where I should have been. But I realized this a few days ago and quickly scanned it in and colored it, so now we're back on track. I think this might be the only Billy strip that was completed just days before it was posted (these comics are usually drawn and colored months before I post them).

I tried to make the colors look very summery in this one. I think I was the most successful in the fifth, seventh and eighth panels, especially the fifth.

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