February 18th, 2015

This one was partly inspired by a Peanuts strip. Charlie Brown is at Lucy's Psychiatric Help stand and Lucy asks him whether he prefers sunrises or sunsets. A similar conversation ensues.

These "Ice-cream Principles" aren't true (Not that I know of), and I basically just based them off the cliché that distinguishes "chocolates" and "vanillas." But I think they have some true ringings to them. I'll admit that I'm a "swirler" and like to consider myself a nice problem-solver.


  1. I think I'm a swirler too, because I'm indecisive. I like the "architecture" (not a technical term) in this strip. No two panes are the same size and the dark green background draws everything together. Billy is so consistently demanding and Type A (in a good way) :) Thanks

    1. Thank you! It makes my day to get these comments.


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