June 18th, 2014

I, personally, don't like to run. I don't really see the pleasure in it. Maybe I will when I'm older.

But, more importantly, today is the final day of school! It's been a very good year. I hate the feeling you get when school lets out and you're pretty depressed that it's over, but also really enthusiastic about the new summer. But it don't matter the next day because then you're already partyin' at the pool with your friends and having the time of your life.
Happy summer, everybody.
(Although, summer doesn't really start until the 21st, but still.)


  1. Harley sure doesn't look like he's having the time of *his* life. I like how you made the sun look hot, and Billy in the hat is so funny. Happy summer!

    1. Thanks for all the compliments. It means a lot! (Happy summer to you, too!)


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