May 20th, 2014

This joke came from a real-life experience. It was at a swim meet, and one of my teammates was motivating me to swim as fast as I could. He basically said the same things Billy did (except he said "swim" instead of "run"). I replied much like Pete did. When it was getting close to go-time, my teammate said, "Swim like it's the last day of your life." I replied, "Then why would I even be swimming anyway?" I thought it was funny, so around half a year later I drew this.


  1. Hi CG. How do you draw your comic strips, on the computer (program?) or with pen and paper (any special pens or paper)? Thanks.

    1. I draw my comics on paper. I like Micron pens, but Sharpie pens are a close second (and cheaper, too). I scan the drawing in to my computer so I can post them.
      But I do COLOR the strips digitally. I use a simple art program called Pinta for that.
      Thanks for commenting!


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