June 9th, 2015

Poor Pete. He's unappreciated in his time.


  1. Hi CG.
    Do you model your characters on anyone you know in real life?
    Do you use technical pens or some other pens, on paper or another medium?

    Steve B.

    1. Hi Steve.
      I don't model the gang EXACTLY on anyone, but I can say that each character is partly based on someone. To be honest, all of the characters are modeled off myself in some way, mostly Pete, but some aspects are taken from other people. Billy is basically a fusion of my two brothers (Explaining his short temper and irritability). Harley is sort of based off of my parents, but barely. All I can say is that while SOME bits of them are modeled, they've evolved into their own personalities.
      As for pens, I use black Pigma Microns, size 03. Yes, I do draw on paper.


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