June 13th, 2015

When I draw strips like this, it's always rather difficult because I want it to be a complex as possible. Forests aren't simple; they're a mess of all sorts of plants, trees, landforms. . . so it's hard to make it look realistic. If there's too much empty space in a panel, it bugs me and I have to fill it in with something. It isn't just with forests; it's the same for any background setting I have to do. If any space is too empty, I have to put something, usually shading, there to keep things complex. This has become sort of an OCD for me, always filling in corners or unnaturally white areas with shading. I think it makes the strip look better, but it makes the drawing phase take much longer than it used to. 
If you'll look at my older strips, you'll see how simplistic and uninteresting the art was compared to today. While I kind of miss just drawing that way, I like how the strip has changed, even if it's tedious.

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