January 12th, 2020

I think this is an interesting way for a strip to be laid out: two small panels of dialogue at the start and finish, with a large visuals-only panel in the middle. It almost reminds me of an old Christian triptych or something, and it tells the joke with a kinda unorthodox rhythm.

I must say, this storyline is really testing the limits of what I can draw without doing pencil outlines beforehand. I've always drawn this strip directly in ink, without penciling first, which makes a panel like the second one here a daunting task. That panel, as a result, doesn't really follow rules of perspective very well, as it was improvised from start to finish without that kind of forethought. Luckily, since the subject of the panel is a warped, mangled-up car, the broken perspective isn't that noticeable or important. I still prefer to go straight to pen when I draw, but I'm starting to understand how useful pencil guidelines could be for more complicated visual ideas.

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