December 18th, 2019

This story is getting more and more tangled up, so I think it helps to have a little "update strip" like this just so we can check in all three characters and see what they're up to. I like that each character has a different idea of what the other two are doing; Pete thinks Harley is waiting for him at the hotel, Harley thinks both Billy and Pete are off adventuring together, and Billy is just in his own world. There is a lot of comedic potential in that, but it's difficult to write a coherent strip with that concept without getting confusing. Let me know if it works here!

My first semester of college is over! I won't lie, I expected to be finished drawing this storyline by now, but unsurprisingly school got in the way. Now that I'm on break, though, I should have plenty more time to draw, and I'll be sure to take advantage of it.

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