March 4th, 2015

I find this strip a lot like Calvin and Hobbes, in that a lot of Bill Watterson's strips were totally silent. I decided to give it a try here.

Everyone! The Smudge Comic Arts Expo is coming up! And I'll be one of the exhibitors! I'll be selling a whole bunch of Billy-related merch, including T-shirts, buttons and signed comics, as well as other, non-Billy-related things. I'll also sell drawings suggested by you! Plus, there'll be loads of awesome other cartoonists there for you to explore! It starts in ten days (nine if you receive this by email)! So if you can, be sure to put it on your schedule! Here's the website for you to check out:

On this note, I really want to thank Carolyn Raich for all she's done for the strip. She was the first to set me up with Smudge, among so many other supportive things. Thank you!

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